Template for management: developing a lymphoedema service

Supported by an educational grant from Medi UK

This practical document is the second in the Template series, launched by the Lymphoedema Framework. It is designed to support healthcare professionals in setting up and developing much needed lymphoedema services

The Lymphoedema Framework is a UK-based research partnership that aims to raise the profile of lymphoedema and improve standards of care through the involvement of specialist practitioners, clinicians, patient groups, healthcare organisations, and the wound care and compression hosiery industry.

In many countries, the provision of care for patients with lymphoedema is inadequate, often as a result of under-recognition of this chronic debilitating condition of highly diverse aetiology. Growing recognition that lymphoedema has causes other than cancer and recent changes in healthcare priorities necessitate a fresh approach to lymphoedema service provision.

This document provides clear guidance on how to secure funding and how to set up and run an effective and responsive lymphoedema service. It contains four papers:

  • Making the case for developing a lymphoedema service, by PA Morgan and C Moffatt
  • Setting up and developing a lymphoedema service, by T Hill and R Davies
  • Roles in lymphoedema services, by MC Sneddon
  • Evaluating a lymphoedema service, by V Keeley and PJ Franks

'Developing a Lymphoedema service' was launched at the annual conference of the British Lymphology Society, October 2007. For further details of the Lymphoedema Framework Project, please visit www.lf.cricp.org

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