Topical negative wound pressure in wound management

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The sixth document produced in association with the European Wound Management Association (EWMA). It was launched at the EWMA Conference 'Evidence, Consensus and Driving the Agenda forward', held in Glasgow, 2nd-4th May 2007.

As the challenges of effective wound management become increasingly complex, the use of topical negative pressure (TNP) therapy has been shown in a growing number of studies to produce dramatic improvements in clinical outcomes. This document is a welcome resource to aid healthcare professionals in understanding the benefits and successes of TNP therapy, and in managing challenging wound situations.

This EWMA position document reviews the current literature on TNP therapy and presents a European perspective on the practical issues of successfully integrating TNP therapy into clinical practice. The document comprises four papers:

  • Understanding topical negative pressure therapy
    R Gustafsson, J Sjögren and R Ingemansson
  • Health economics and topical negative pressure therapy
    P Trueman
  • Selecting topical negative pressure therapy in practice
    K Vowden, L Téot and P Vowden
  • Managing the open abdomen using topical negative pressure therapy
    T Wild

'Topical negative pressure in wound management' is available in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. All editions of the document are available from as a downloadable pdf.

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